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G10 Handheld Fiber Optical Power Meter Monitor SC/FC/ST LED Flashlight Lighting



1: Mini and easy to carry
2: USB lithium battery direct charge / manual calibration
3: USB lithium battery direct charge, bid farewell to frequent battery replacement
4: Support switch screen light, switch flexibly according to the actual environment
5: General interface: support SC, FC, ST three interfaces

Smaller and smaller, USB lithium battery direct charge/manual calibration available
Smaller than TV remote control, three-dimensional, slim and stylish
Say goodbye to frequent battery replacement, USB lithium direct charge
Say goodbye to the traditional way of opening the lid,-it is convenient and quick to open by pressing
Errors can be manually calibrated, and the measurement data can be adjusted if the measurement data is too large or small
Support to switch the screen light, flexibly switch according to the actual environment
Universal interface, support SC, FC, ST three interfaces
7 kinds of test wavelength intelligent memory
7 kinds of wavelength cycle options to meet various requirements; when shutting down
Automatically save the last tested wavelength
LED flashlight lighting function, convenient to use in the dark area environment to check the line
One-key data storage, 40 groups of data cyclic storage, can be viewed at any time.


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